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Emergency equipment

Emergency equipment: Emergency equipment on most of airline airplane consist of the following: 1 -PBE. 2- Fire extinguisher. 3- Fire sock. 4- Emergency flashlight. 5- Crash axe. 6- POB. 7- Manual release tool. 8- Child restraint devices and extension seat belts. 9-  Baby bassinet. 10- Adult life jacket. 11- Infant life jacket 12- Infant life cot 13- Manual demonstration kit 14- Megaphone …

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In-flight emergencies

What you’ll learn: In this topic you will learn everything about the inflight emergencies that cabin crew might face during the flight,. Course details: .Fire in the cabin, classification of fire, Fire/Smoke fighting procedures, procedure for evacuating fire from airplane, LAV fire, Galley fire procedure, seat fire procedure.  Decompression Turbulence: We will discuss the turbulence …

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